We Had An Ohler Baby!!!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share the great news with you! My wife Terry and I recently had our first child, a beautiful baby girl name Layla. We are so excited to have this little bundle of joy in our lives now. We have been trying to have a child for a very long time so this really is a dream come true. She’s absolutely beautiful.


I’m going to be taking some time off of work and also probably updating this blog but I will be sure to update it when I get back and let you know how Layla and the family is doing.


Company Picnic

Later in the month of May were to be hosting a company picnic that we invite the whole community to come to. Going to be serving burgers, hot dogs, sausages, salads, and the rest of your favorite summertime picnic items. We hope to bring the community together on this. Also, your gonna be able to bring a dog if you want. We’re going to have our outdoor dog kennel set up so your you and your dog can play as you enjoy your burgers.

Please RSVP with Shawna – 978-737-0039

We hope to see you there!


Join us May 28, 2016

New Addition to the Company

We’ve had a lot of new people start in the company lately. It’s been great that our growth has been able to sustain for the last 50+ years. We are truly one of the great American successes in business. It’s also great that a lot of our newer hires are college-age kids. Usually in the past we would hire older folks. And we would have to train them and then they would retire soon after.

By hiring a younger generation, we have been able to greatly expand our growth prospects and hope that we are training the future leaders of our company. One of the newer initiatives that we have in our company, aside from this community outreach blog, is that we are enabling all of our employees to bring their dogs to work on Thursdays and Fridays.

As you’ll see from this blog, we truly do love our canine companions. One of the things that are employees asked for, was the ability to bring their dogs to work. They claim that it would boost morale and improve productivity. As a result, we have purchased a lot of dog playpens and have begun the process of getting HR paperwork together.

What we plan to do is allow our employees to bring their dogs into work and then place them in the playpens. We plan to hire someone part-time to come in on Thursdays and Fridays and watch the dogs and make sure that they are taken care of in the playpen. Our employees are to be able to go and spend that minimum 30 minutes per day with the dogs. Of course there have to sign a waiver before they do so, just in case one of the canines gets a little too rough.

The reason I were implementing this, so that we can seem to be more like a startup. As you know, startups tend to have lax company cultures and emphasize on a worklife balance. This greatly helps improve employee morale and employee retention. In addition, more of the better prospects from higher-quality schools are going to want to work at our company. We feel that this gives us a competitive advantage over our adversaries. Seriously, who else off you the ability to come bring your dog to work and then play with it during the day?

The answer is no one but us.

We are also opening this opportunity up to the whole community. If you’re retired on vacation or simply of the day off, you can bring your dog on over to our company and put them in the playpen. If this initiative really takes off, we may make the bring your dog to work thing a daily occurrence. We may also expand our playpen area and offer a full-time facility. As you know there isn’t really a great dog park in the area so maybe we can house it at our company.

Hope to see you soon.


The Lake

One of the things that we love most about this area is the lake. The lake is so beautiful especially during the winter time when the ice glazes over and all of the kids are skating around. I remember going there as a child and having a blast playing hockey with my dad.

Nowadays that Springtime is upon us the leaves are starting to go back onto the trees and all the kids are starting to go fish down at the lake. It’s always great seeing the young couples walking around the lake. Same with seeing all the older retired folks gazing at the lake and feeding the swans. It truly is a beautiful site.

I also love seeing all the dogs that roam around the area. It’s great that they have such a nice calm place that they can play. I remember bringing my dog Jason down to the lake when I was a kid. Jason used to love to walk around the lake. His favorite thing was to chase all the swans. He also love to jump into the lake. It’s great that still people are bringing their dogs down to the lake.

The lake is especially great in the summertime when they have the annual festival. It’s great that the whole town goes out to the festival. It’s really such a nice way to bring everyone together and remember all the good times that we can have together. It’s also nice seeing a lot of the people that we grew up with but don’t stay in contact with. The lake really does bring everyone together. It’s truly a great asset to our community.

Who We Are

We are Ohler Machinery, a pump maker based out of Iowa. We absolutely love our community and all that encompasses it. One of the biggest things that our employees love is our community. As part of our community outreach initiative, we are creating this blog in order to showcase our community. We hope you like this initiative – it really means a lot to us…